The One Key to successful online marketing!

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Okay, that was some clickbait…but now that I have you!

If someone was to ask me what is the most common error entrepreneurs make when trying to succeed digitally (I would say physically as well) it would be not using an objective based strategy. (OBS)

OBS means that instead of hitting everyone with our marketing we concentrate our efforts to a certain objective, therefor making our marketing cheaper (due to lower volume), accurate & effective.

When I usually meet with someone as they explore a new venture, they start with telling me about their idea. I would then ask “If a user has successfully interacted with your website what did they do?”

So what would your user do?

Often we try to hit our consumers with everything in our arsenal. We want them to subscribe to the mailing list, ask questions, buy the product, read our blog, share our posts etc…

This makes it really tricky to measure how effective we are being in our online selling efforts, well unless you have a team of analysts setting up conversion goals and tracking them.

(Conversion means a successful transaction between a user and a website, e.g.. buying a product)

The easier approach is to take a look 3 things

1. What currently are your most successful conversions channels.

If the majority of your client base prefers filling in an enquiry form over buying your service or product online. Make that your main objective for your website

2. What (very profitable) conversion channels are getting lost because of the clutter on your site

You might sit on a gold mine in your blog subscriptions but you aren’t using that as a selling tool. Re-evaluate what you are doing and see if there are channels you can profit from with minimal work and maximum output.

3. What new ones can you introduce, after removing the ones that don’t work

Maybe you aren’t selling on Instagram. Maybe your constant focus on twitter should stop and you should focus more on Instagram?
If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you would like a Skype call with me to talk you through your site get in contact here!

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