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If someone was to ask me what is the most common error entrepreneurs make when trying to succeed digitally (I would say physically as well) it would be not using an objective based strategy. (OBS)

OBS means that instead of hitting everyone with our marketing we concentrate our efforts to a certain objective, therefor making our marketing cheaper (due to lower volume), accurate & effective.

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Open the scene on 1988, Rhodes University, South Africa, they have successfully received the first South African IP Address and in November 1991 they make contact to the world. In June 1992 .co.za domains begin to do the rounds in the commercial market. Think of where you were in 1992? Think of how life has changed, how much quicker and fast paced everything has become.

According to the ZACR (https://www.registry.net.za/domain_stats.php) there are over a million .co.za domains, this not including South African companies who have registered .com, .org.za, .net and, . net.za domains.

We now face a problem that in 1992 didn’t exist, there are in essence 1 million other places your consumers can go. In the early 90’s having a website was reserved for the cool kid on the block now you can’t be taken seriously until you have a website.

This change in the way people buy has led to the evolution of the internet. It was once a place where a bit of data could be transported and now it is, in essence, the biggest shopping mall on earth.

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