Okay, that was some clickbait…but now that I have you!

If someone was to ask me what is the most common error entrepreneurs make when trying to succeed digitally (I would say physically as well) it would be not using an objective based strategy. (OBS)

OBS means that instead of hitting everyone with our marketing we concentrate our efforts to a certain objective, therefor making our marketing cheaper (due to lower volume), accurate & effective.

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I am at hard work researching, writing, and building content that can help you succeed! The Official Launch is January 2017 I will be starting with my Website Basics  Series –  This Series is aimed at helping you understand the basics of the digital environment. In the month of January I will be looking at: I have a website now what? CMS or No CMS? Basic things you need to understand so that you don’t get overcharged for websites Hosting (The Big Pricing Face-off) You…Continue Reading “What is this all about!”