I started this blog because of my frequent encounters with entrepreneurs and start-ups in a South African context that did not understand the complex market, that is online selling. 


About me:

For the past 4 years, I have been, in some way or another, involved in digital marketing. I started my journey in what I would like to call digital boot camp, corporate agency experience, where I was thrown in the deep end and taught how to swim. Tough as it was it honed my digital skills in ways that no classroom could. After that I ventured into email marketing which is a whole different ball game, all the while developing my social media and e-commerce skills.

What you can expect to find on this blog:

  • How To articles that explain the strategy of digital marketing
  • Software and business tool analysis in a South African Context
  • Things to consider when selling online
  • The basics (Branding, Strategy, Website and Conversion) and understanding how to do them well.

The blog is officially launching in 2017 but all December  newsletter subscriptions receive my branding basics guide in advance.

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This blog is about you so if you have any questions get it answered here! If I get enough of the same questions I might answer them on the blog otherwise, I might be able to point you to trustworthy providers.

randon Janse Van Vuuren